The only way to run a nightclub

Nyx is a full-featured nightclub management suite. It features more or less everything you need to run a paperless nightclub, from guest list to shift rota to POS-system - all cloud-based and at your fingertips.



Simple, fast POS-system with integrated promotions lists, inventory monitor and report tools.


Powerful table booking and management system with built-in POS and customer tracking.


Membership management and application system - hooks into Facebook for validation. Supports physical membership cards.

Ticket-like task management

Keep track of issues at your venue. Things you run out of and things that break or go missing. Everything in one place.

Guest- and promotion lists

Updated guest list always at your fingertips - treat your guests with extra promotional items such as drinks or bottles.

Shift management

Basic rota system. All your employees can access their shifts by phone. Supports hourly salaries for all your different roles.


A simple yet feature-rich Point-of-Sale solution for the bar, entrance or wardrobe. It’s integrated into the guest list so you can give out promotional drinks or bottles from your iPhone. A billing-system is built in to easily credit employees or loyal customers using a PIN-code for verification. It’s easy to add and remove products and adjust prices. It's designed to be as fast as possible to use while retaining essential functionality such as history, sales tracking and so on. It supports inventory monitoring and reporting.


We designed the table system around one keyword; hostesses. It’s set up with a visual overview of the venue, with easy-to-grasp color coding. It handles orders, payments, credits, table status and bookings and is integrated into the client/membership system for history. Everything is connected to everything. Changes made to your tables via iPhone/iPad are immediately synchronized to all other devices.


Many venues run different identities depending on they day of the week. Nyx can support as many as you want, giving you the opportunity to build your customer base across different identities, collecting the vital data – such as the spend of table guests – in a single database that only you manage. You can give out physical membership cards the cool way and keep track of them with Nyx – there’s no app requirement for your guests: Not everything must be a social network.

Ticket-like Task Management

How often do you see something that “needs to be fixed” only to be reminded two weeks later that it’s still – you guessed it – not fixed. Nyx has an internal Task-system available to all employees where all kinds of problems may be submitted. They will stare you in the face until you mark them as fixed. Simple, yet very useful.

Guest- and promotion lists

Nyx runs a digital guest list that's always update and in sync. You can add anyone to the guest list from your phone and it will be visible in the bar and to the picker immediately. You can even add additional promotional items to their name (such as a free bottle or free drinks). You can limit your promoters and their ability to let in people for free or give out promotions – even based on the day of the week.

Shift management

Nyx has a built-in shift handling system, which means you can stop paying for that (additional) third party software that currently runs your rota – if it isn’t in a Facebook group. With Nyx, everyone can access their schedule or swap around shifts as allowed by the system based on roles and supervisor status. It runs payroll and exports data easily and supports digital contracts.

Frequently asked questions

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Who can benefit from Nyx?

Nyx is aimed at high-end venues. As it handles both memberships, tables, POS, inventory, tasks, digital contracts, shifts and so on, it can be purchased in modules depending on your specific needs. With that being said it is still a system for night clubs, so it may not be very useful for small bars, pubs or cocktail lounges.

What hardware is required?

Currently Nyx runs only on iPhone, iPad and web. The only on-site hardware you need to purchase is the amount of iPads your venue requires. This number may vary, but most of our customers have somewhere between 2 and 20 iPads. The Android platform is not supported.

Where is my data stored?

Everything related to Nyx is powered by AWS, operating out of Frankfurt, Germany. Given that Nyx is 100% cloud-based, you don't need local servers - the only requirement is an Internet connection. Your data is always protected by conventional encryption while in transit. You own all data you or your customers store in Nyx.

Who are you?

We're a team of nightclub enthusiasts located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our extensive knowledge of how nightclubs operate has given us the ability to create software that fits into this model. Nyx is about two years old and still expanding quickly. We constantly develop new features based on customer feedback and technological advancements.


  • POS
  • Membership system
  • Table booking system
  • Digital contracts
  • Shift management
  • Task management
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Customer spend history
  • Data import and export
  • Promoter tools/restrictions
  • Custom venue layout
  • Preparty booking system

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